Get answers to questions
on how to use our platform

Get answers to questions
on how to use our platform

How to Create a vendor account on artsmith.online

1. Click the login button on the homepage

2. To register as a vendor, click option to register as a vendor and more options will pop up.
 Please note that the fields with orange asterics are compulsory

3. Fill in the compulsory fields. When typing your password, you can click the eye icon to reveal what you’re typing so you don’t make mistakes. There’s also  a  security gauge for password so try to use a password with at least 10 keys capital letters and small letter.

4. Immediately you enter the shop name it automatically creates a link for you. This will be the direct link to your store.

5. Fields such as company name, company ID/EUID Number, VAT/TAX Number, Name of Bank, Bank IBAN are optional so you can leave them empty at this point.

6. Once you’re done filling the compulsory fields, click on the register button.

7. Once your registration is successful, it takes you to the vendor setup wizard
Stock products per page(how many products do you want to show at a glance)
You can leave country
Select the state you’re from

Payment setup
How to process withdrawals
Bank name
Account number

Store dashboard

How to upload products on artsmith.online

1. Log into your dashboard

2. Click on products on the menu panel on the left side of your dashboard.

3. To add a new product You would need a product name, product image the price, the categories, the tags and short descriptions about your product.

4. Next, you should add the price for your product, you can add a discounted price(if you are doing a promo) it can be scheduled for a specific time frame or holiday.

5. Upload a product image(featured image) (select files) upload image.

6. You can also upload additional product images if there are other images for your product such as images of your products from different angles. However the featured image will be the main image of the product.

7. Select a category (art,craft,fashion,music)

8. Once a product is created A link is automatically generated for the product.


Important Information about products

Product type (simple/variable/virtual)
Virtual products are products that can be sold as downloads and they’re not physical mostly photographs
Add description and short description

Select the icon if your product requires shipping.

Input dimensions if it is a portrait of a painting or a sculpture, you can also overwrite your initial cost if the weight of an item is bigger than the original size or is being shipped to a different location entirely

Upsells (recommendations you’d give a customer after a purchase)

Cross sells( products that are complementary to each other.

Product use information/ guide You can input information on how to install or how to clean and care for a particular product

Product Reviews We advice that you enable product review so customers can see what people have to say about your product

Product Verification After a product is uploaded the admin will have to verify your product.

Editing Products Once it is uploaded your product can still be edited

Charges Artsmith.online charges 10% for each product sold.