tie dye
Abstract festive colorful background, Bright rainbow Tie Dye pattern, vector illustration. Crazy boho spiral swirl paint.

Simplest way to Tie Dye

Prep your supplies. 
Pre-soak your garment, Prepare your dye mixture according to the instructions on the packets
Fold and tie your garment: Choose a tying method. Rubber bands works well in most instances, otherwise tie with twine.
Apply the dye:  When using a bucket, swirl it in the bucket of dye, check for the intensity of the color occasionally till you are happy with the result. When using an applicator, greater control of where your color is applied can be obtained by putting dye in plastic applicator bottles and squeezing dye where you need it. Be sure to use a cooking rack so the fabric doesn’t sit in the excess dye that runs off.
Let it sit: Place the item in a plastic bag so the dye can penetrate. Most one-step dyes recommend 6-8 hours but you can leave it longer if you want even more vibrant colors(The hardest part is waiting!)
Rinse, wash, and wear your garment: When you are satisfied with the color, remove the item from the plastic bags and rinse in cold water. Keep going until the water runs clear. Wash the dyed fabric items normally by hand or machine. There may still be small amounts of dye that comes out so wash separately. You can then hang it out to dry and give your fabric a good iron.

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